Wake up at 10am and walk to a cafe along the river for a morning macchiato, 70 cents and an hour later walk to different place for macchiato round two, and finally maybe move next to the mosque for some Turkish tea. Ride a random bus out of town not knowing where it goes, look at some mountains and hitchike home. Ride a tractor tire down a cold rocky river, stand on the podium as the crowd chants "USA! USA!" Grab a fantastic burger for 80 cents and take to to another cafe for some beers. Eventually it's time for another Macciato and a hike up to the fortress to watch the sunset. More beers at a few more cafes while deciding on which delicious place to go for dinner, probably a made to order 1.50 pizza, and finish the night with a few more beers at a locals bar.

Like most of the country, Prizeren felt so European, historic, young, relevant, cheap, and real...the hamburger store owner apologized for not being allowed to sell beer, but then sent his son with me to show where I could buy some and bring it back. They are all so excited to see foreigners, to talk, to help. This place is so raw, so unspoiled, so genuine. It’s the first place that’s felt so much like Myanmar; an explorer, not a tourist. It’s a young country, just 10 years old during my first visit; but also a young population, 53% are under 25. It’s amazing getting to see a place that is destined to change so much so quickly.

Easily one of my favorite places. 

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